Budgets are Sexy and Business Insider? Holy cow!

I haven’t starved to death. I’m not homeless (though, I thought I was going to be a couple of times.)  I’ve simply had to switch my focus away from the blog and toward (theoretically) more lucrative endeavors. Let’s face it, a blog isn’t an overnight cash cow. I was reaching the end of my financial rope, and while my readership had really grown, and while blogging was a lot of fun (if a lot of work), I didn’t have any book ideas, or any other ways to pay the bills while also adding value to other people’s lives (because if I’m making money off of churning out crap, it’s not worth it.) Given the choice of churning out stress-induced and uninspired crap, or posting nothing at all, I went with nothing.

I’ve definitely been in hardcore survival mode since then. I even worked a job where I made a lowly $240 over the course of a month, even though I was putting in at least 40 hours a week. It was certainly on the predatory side. Gotta love piecework.

In the past week, I’ve been going through the interview process for a seemingly great small company based in Portland. I also just sent off fingerprints for the Peace Corps (I might finally get out of the country and check another fear off of my list after all!) I’ve been working on lots of other little projects as well. Perhaps I’ll showcase some of them in the future. Although, I’ve been working under pseudonyms precisely to keep my projects separate from one another, so we’ll see.

Today’s post, however, is mostly here to showcase my lovely new-old guest post on Budgets are Sexy. It’s the post I’ve been promising you about how I took my trip to New Orleans for free.  Thanks for hosting this post, J. Money!

J. Money also pointed out that this post got picked up by Business Insider! How cool is that?

I’d love for you to go leave comments in either or both places, but definitely on Budgets are Sexy. Show my man, J. Money, some love for being so generous as to host this post.

Oh, and welcome to readers who have stumbled this way via Budgets are Sexy! Glad to have you!

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One comment on Budgets are Sexy and Business Insider? Holy cow!

  1. Thanks again for allowing me to share it with my audience, my man! Some interesting ideas for sure :) Glad to see things are looking on the up and up for ya – keep in touch!